Training and competency development for middle managers based on the needs and objectives of the company or management team. 

  As an organisation grows rapidly, many professionals are promoted to team or unit leaders. These are very good professionals with excellent knowledge of their field, a high level of responsibility and commitment to the company's well-being, but no direct management experience and sometimes no theoretical knowledge.

  They face new and unfamiliar challenges when they become managers, and make typical managerial mistakes in communication in communicating with the team, setting priorities, delegating work and ensuring that the team's results are delivered smoothly. All this can be avoided by paying sufficient attention to ensuring the basic competences of the manager (people management) (hiring, (e.g. onboarding, performance management, feedback, problem/conflict solving, creating a microclimate, delivering results, etc.)

  Continuous investment in training and personal growth sessions (coaching) for middle managers, enables us to create managers who have a clear understanding of how to keep their teams engaged and achieve the company's goals together.

  It can be a basic 3-4 part series to develop the manager's core functions and competences.

  As well as workshops on individual topics (1.5-2 hours). Specific topics and duration of the training can be negotiated separately according to the company's needs.

   Key themes *:

  • Managerial competences (recruitment, induction, goal setting, performance management, delegation, motivation, conflict resolution, feedback, etc.)
  • Educational leadership
  • Change management
  • Time management
  • Employee wellbeing
  • and other topics.

* The scope, time and price of the training can be agreed individually after a meeting and needs analysis.