Coaching – 
more space for a free mind

Coaching - is a partnership-based, thought-provoking and creative process with the client that inspires them to maximise their individual and professional potential."



"I can't help but smile and feel grateful when I think of Brigita. Our coaching and training sessions help me grow as a manager, as a leader and as a person. Every time I close the door of a session, I feel much more courageous and have grown up a lot. At the same time, I take away from each session a greater hunger and desire to do more."

Algina Bedulskė

"Brigita's outstanding coaching abilities have profoundly influenced my personal and professional growth, altering my perspective on my career and motivating me to reach my goals more efficiently. Her techniques have aided me in gaining a deeper understanding of my aspirations, feelings, and anxieties. The clarity in my thinking has enabled me to navigate my career trajectory with defined objectives and guidance. I am truly thankful for the positive changes and ongoing support in pursuing my aspirations."

Meida Locaitytė

“Brigita’s coaching sessions have been instrumental in making me understand the significance of reflecting outside my comfort zone. With each interaction, I am uncovering a new layer of myself, with Brigita expertly nudging me towards profound “Eureka” moments. Her mastery in facilitating these reflections makes every session a journey of self-discovery that I eagerly anticipate.”

Hariharan Kamaraj

"Thank you for a highly effective experience, assisting me in overcoming barriers and gaining new perspectives. Brigitte's professionalism is evident in her insightful understanding of my unique requirements. Her coaching techniques have helped me define my goals, progress, and boost self-assurance. Thanks to her, I felt secure and could express myself openly during the session.".”

Greta Mierevičiūtė

"Brigita is an empathetic and strong coach. She maintains consultation structure well, guiding clients smoothly even when distracted and bringing them back to the original question if they wander. I used to believe only a psychologist could help me delve deeper into myself, but Brigitte has changed my mind completely!"

Augustė Rekašiūtė