A conversation based on partnership about a topic relevant to the client.
  In coaching sessions, I assist clients in listening to their own thoughts, viewing themselves from a new perspective, consciously considering their aspirations, creatively uncovering solutions to their inquiries, and seeking motivation for taking action. 

  Coaching is a powerful tool for unlocking personal potential. A key element of coaching sessions is building a safe and trusting relationship between the client and the coach. 

  Only when there is no fear of judgment, but space for acceptance and free sharing, can change begin. Confidence grows when one can share thoughts, fears, and beliefs openly, allowing us to see things from a new perspective.

  There is no advice or sharing of my experience here, as all the answers are up to the client. All you need is a little help to discover them.


Online or in-person session (according to agreement) duration 1 hour.

  • 1 session price - 150 Eur.
  • 3 sessions package - 400 Eur.
  • 5 session package - 620 Eur.