Hi, I'm Brigita. I work as a coaching specialist and middle management mentor, offering training for managers and leaders aiming to navigate changes in their professional journey. I'm dedicated to my own growth: understanding myself, others, and fostering greater awareness in my personal life, family, and career.  
 Since 2022, I've been a certified coach and a member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF), as well  Coaching.lt as the Coaching.lt team. My journey into coaching began in 2011 when, as a new manager, I sought guidance on leading a sales team effectively and achieving my objectives.
  Through coaching, I've shaped a leadership philosophy that I apply and share with others.
  With over 20 years of diverse professional experience across sales, telecommunications, finance (fintech start-ups), risk assessment, media, and more than 12 years in leadership roles, I bring hands-on expertise to coaching sessions, training, consulting, mentoring, and problem-solving.
  Today, I stand by my philosophy of developmental leadership, focusing on cultivating leaders who embrace continuous learning and deliver exceptional results with their teams.
I strongly believe in a process-driven approach that yields tangible outcomes.

  My mission is clear: to empower managers in their journey towards becoming exceptional leaders.